Binary Options

What are Binary Options?

They are an exciting new style of investment which can give you consistently great returns in less than one hour! Binary Options are a simple and efficient way to invest in the financial markets, even with a small budget and limited trading skills.

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For investors with an open mind and an eye for new opportunities, Binary Options are the perfect trading vehicle. They are a completely new concept submerged in classic market law.

The last twenty years have been bewildering when it comes to the two areas we are interested in: the financial markets and new technology.

Financial markets have always been characterised by their volatility, driven by several economic variables not allowing them to be static, therefore creating either big profits or big losses with accompanying risk. This has remained practically unchanged over the past two decades.

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Today, however, we have the ability to trade in every market in the world. Thanks to globalisation and technology, the tools and instruments we need are at our fingertips. Innovation has allowed us to realise activities and tasks that up until a few years ago would have only been seen in the movies.

Computers are as much a necessary feature of our homes as refrigerators and running water. And given the birth of notebooks and iPads™ we now have the flexibility to be connected almost anywhere.

Binary Options have been made possible by both advances in technology and communications, and the expansion of the financial markets.

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What is so different about Binary Options?

There are two main points of difference between Binary Options and vanilla (or regular) options:

  • Expiry time
  • Payout

Binary Options have short-term multiple expiry times which means investors can make an instant profit and be more flexible in their options investments.

With vanilla options, investors will profit or lose an amount which depends on the difference between the price of the stock and the price of the option when it expires. With Binary Options the two prices are set from the start (which means you know your risk before you place your trade).

“Traditional investments are losing their strength upon the advancement of creativity. Mankind took years to build a structured financial market and today Binary Options have arrived to tear down old barriers, offering dream profits with enviable stability.”

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What do The Binary Options Experts provide?

A systemised trade service providing easy to act on trade analysis coupled with the best Binary Options Trading education to help investors generate a steady weekly income. We have real analysts with over 22 years of real experience.

What is Our Strategy?

Our trading method is very simple to understand and trade. We send out your trade analysis every trading day. You place the trades on your chosen platform. We have a library of training videos and documents to assist you at every step.

Who holds your money (capital)?

The trading platform our clients use to trade is an individual choice and The Binary Options Experts have no affiliations with any platforms. You are the only person who can access your account to make deposits and withdrawals any time you want.

How do I get paid?

Getting paid is simple and may even be tax-free (depending on your own personal circumstances – please see your accountant if unsure). First of all, you need to set up your trading account with the platform of your choice. Then you start trading and start accumulating profits. Then, if you need to withdraw funds from your account you simply log into your account and request a withdrawal. The money in your account is yours and you have complete access to it whenever you choose.

Do I need any specialist knowledge or training?

No. We provide extensive education and training via various media for our clients. We have a video training library, we do live trading webinars for clients only, and we have a membership site which houses a tremendous amount of trading and personal development courses and materials. You can also email any trading questions and our client support team will happily answer them for you.

Can I lose money trading?

Absolutely no doubt! In fact, you can potentially lose all your money just minutes after you start trading if you don’t know what you’re doing. Others have lost all their life savings and ended up homeless.

Is it volatile?

Very volatile, and the effects of volatility depend on how leveraged your positions are.

Is it risky?

All trading is extremely risky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

C’mon, is it really that risky?

The risks can be high but also controllable.  Money management, discipline, talent, and a lack of emotion are traits you will want to develop as a trader. But remember, trading is speculative and any capital used should be money you can lose – NOT rent money. If you are a novice trader, we recommend that you trade on a demo account until you have shown profit for at least two consecutive months before trading real money.

What is demo trading?

A demo account looks and acts just like a real trading account except it does not contain any real money. It is set up with “play” money for the purpose of practicing and honing your trading skills within real market conditions, without risking any of your own real money. We strongly recommend that you trade on a demo account until you have had at least two consecutive profitable months in a row. This is our duty of care to you and it’s a crucial part of the learning process.

What should I expect to make?

Individual results can vary greatly between each trader. There are many factors which may affect a trader’s individual performance. Such factors include but are not limited to: the instruments traded, the level of aggressiveness and the number of trades taken, the style of trading, the amount a trader risks per trade vs. the amount of attempted profit, the trader’s level of understanding and application of the study material, a trader’s overall experience, skill, emotional control, internet connection, etc.

We can help you to acquire the know-how to become progressively more successful as a trader in the markets.

Do I need to have any specific academic background in order to be successful?

Not at all! Successful active traders come from many different professions. Very often, people who are very successful at school or at their businesses wrongly believe that their success will be automatically transferred to trading. It’s usually not the case. Active trading has its own learning pace and our education will prepare you to enter this exciting field.

Can I start trading part-time from my home or office?