Have You Got A Secret Passion…For Failure?

In one of Freud’s books, he notes that some people have a ‘secret passion for failure’.

Sooner or later, they will take whatever is going well in their lives and flush it down the sewer.

Here are some specific instructions for you if you’d like to harness this passion.

Supportive girlfriend or boyfriend comes onto the scene? Dump ’em.

Got a new, great promotion? Stop doing the things that got you that promotion in the first place, and get drunk at the office Christmas party.

Hopped into a friend’s pretty Maserati with an engine that seductively growls as it cruises along the freeway? Think to yourself that ‘This is too good for me! I’ll never be able to get one of these.’

Made a killing on a specific trade? Enter into the next 5 trades haphazardly, with no trading plan, and ignore your trade plans and risk rules!

There ya go. See… you’re back in your comfort zone, quick as a flash. You’ve indulged your passion for failure, reinforced negative behaviour patterns, and allowed your brother-in-law to say, “I told you so!”

Feels good?

I don’t think so!

Our self-image is our regulator.

It restricts the amount of success we are allowed.

**Success never exceeds our sense of deserving**

If it does, then the person feeling unworthy soon gets everything back into alignment.

I call this the Prosperity Rejection Reflex (PRR). It’s a reflex because it happens without your conscious control. Unless your subconscious accepts your prosperity, you’ll reject it!

People suffering this syndrome are frustrating, and toxic to be involved with. They can sweep your success down the toilet along with their own, unless you make a stand.

Gamblers display PRR when they keep on gambling after a windfall. They just won’t stop until they’ve given back every last cent, and then some.

Clients are afflicted when they neglect to even login to the members area and soak up all the learning material provided on a plate for them and NEVER attend any LIVE trade with the trader sessions we provide!

We often see that after a few big wins their ego inflates to the size of the Goodyear blimp.

It’s terrifying to watch.

The ensuing carnage is predictable, but comes as a shock to the PRR victim.

We tried to tell them… but they rejected our warnings just as easily as their subconscious rejected their new found level of trading success.

Build a wall around yourself.

PRR can be like an infectious disease. Hang around someone who is experiencing it for too long and you’ll start to think like them.

Protect your mindset at all costs!

If you can’t influence them to improve their thought patterns, and you can’t barricade yourself into your own happy psychological frame of mind when you’re with them… run the hell away from them!

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